When your student is ready for a next-level instrument

Gift of Music Instruments features quality instruments for beginner students at all levels. When your student has progressed up in their abilities and will continue their music education at higher school levels, it may be time to consider upgrading to an “intermediate” level instrument. 

We offer several options to help make an upgrade more affordable, as intermediate instruments are often in a higher price range. But we can help make these instruments more accessible for everyone.  If you already rent from Gift of Music, we offer a generous trade-in allowance on current rent-to-own instruments toward the upgrade instrument.

If you are interested in upgrading from your student’s beginner rental instrument, contact us to explore your options. 

Gift of Music Instruments is an authorized retailer for YAMAHA brand instruments, and other respected brands. When your student is ready to play at a higher level, a professional or intermediate grade instrument will serve them well through high school, college, and beyond.  Many pro-level instruments can last a lifetime.  And unlike many other purchases, well-maintained instruments rarely lose value. In fact, they often appreciate over time!

Upgrade Options

1. Purchase your upgrade instrument with a one-time payment.  We’ll evaluate the rental instrument you want to trade in and create a custom price quote that includes a 10% discount for making a one-time payment.

2. 90 Days – no interest purchase.  With your trade in, you can take up to 90 days to complete payments on your upgrade with no interest added. 

3. 12 month financing. Need a little more time?  We offer financing on your upgrade purchase for 12 months at very low interest rates. An easy way to step up to a higher-quality instrument with budget-friendly payments. (No credit check, but enrollment in auto-pay is required)

And of course our top-quality repair facility will be here to  provide the extra support you may need for upkeep of your upgraded instrument, including repair, maintenance and cleaning services. You’ll have the option to purchase a service plan with your upgrade.

Upgrade now

To begin the process of upgrading to an intermediate instrument, simply fill out the inquiry form below.  We’ll need to know about the instrument you will be trading in and more about the instrument you are looking for. Our inventory of upgrade instruments changes based on availability, so we’ll provide you with a customized quote.