No child should ever miss the chance for music education because of a lack of resources

No other music store offers a program like this – ensuring that every child has an opportunity to have access to a musical instrument, regardless of their ability to pay.


If approved for a Gift of Music rental, you will receive a quality refurbished musical instrument on a “gifted” rental contract – there is no monthly rental fee.  The program does require a $25 annual service fee to cover the cost of delivery, maintenance, and administrative costs.  The student may retain the rental for as long as they like, provided the annual fee is paid and the instrument is maintained in working condition.  Our Repair and Maintenance Plan (RAMP) is also included at no charge. Please note that The Gift of Music plan is not a rent-to-own program.  The instrument remains the property of The Gift of Music Foundation.


We base eligibility on the same household income standards used by many school systems and government aid programs to determine eligibility. You can check our qualification table below and see if you meet the household income requirements for this program.  We also request a letter of recommendation by the director of the school program or after-school program your child will be participating in.  To find out if you are eligible, check out this Eligibility Chart.


Simply fill out our Gift of Music Rental application form from the link below.  You will also need to download the Director Recommendation Form and have it completed by the Director, or have them complete the online version.  Applications will be reviewed for eligibility and recipients notified within 7 days.  Upon approval, your Gift of Music instrument will be available upon receipt of the annual service fee.

Complete this simple application form. We'll notify you of approval quickly.

Gift of Music Program rentals available within 100 mi radius of Atlanta, GA

Instruments in this program are previously-owned and instruments and cases will show signs of use including finish wear.  All instruments have been reconditioned into best playing condition.