The primary focus of The Gift of Music is to make instruments available to kids regardless of their financial abilities. We are proud to offer these reduced rates to those who qualify.

Households that qualify for SNAP, TANF, or WIC are automatically eligible for Reduced Program rentals

For the 2022-2023 school year, eligibility requirements are waived for this pilot program. The Reduced Rental rates are available to anyone with no need to qualify!


Thanks to supporters and grant funding, we can offer those who qualify a chance to rent their instruments at greatly-reduced prices. We offer quality reconditioned instruments that meet band director standards, with standard repair and  maintenance included at no additional cost. The Reduced program is a no-contract, no credit-check rent-to-own program. You own it after 24 monthly payments. Cancel any time by simply returning the instrument


Because this is a pilot program, we are currently waiving any eligibility requirements for this program!  All string instruments are available to anyone at the reduced rate with no need to qualify.

Anyone from a household that already receives assistance from programs including SNAP, TANF, or WIC. If you already meet this requirement, you can enroll right away and get a quality rental instrument at a month price not offered by any retail music store. There is no credit check required. At this time, we are only able to provide these rentals within a 100-mile radius of metro Atlanta.


Simply select your instrument from our online store link below. Enrollment in automatic monthly payments is required. If you do not have a credit or debit card, we may still be able to assist. Simply contact us by phone at 770.988.9962 or email at

Get started today and select your reduced instrument rental

Reduced Rentals available only within 100-mile radius of Atlanta, GA

Instruments in this program are previously-owned and will show some signs of use including finish wear.  All instruments have been reconditioned into best playing condition.

The total purchase price of the instrument is simply the monthly rate x the number of Rent-To-Own (RTO) months. (Example: $9.99 x 24 = $239.76). There are no additional fees and no insterest. Prices do not include tax. Comprehensive Coverage costs do not apply toward to the purchase price. Rentals may be cancelled at any time without fees or penalties. Rent-To-Own requires all monthly payments to be made consecutively.